About FIOS Insight

How We Do Business

We believe the world is changing and the demand for ever-increasing efficiency and reduced time to value never stops. Traditional project execution methods may be well established and slow to change, however the tools involved and the way such tools are used, can easily change to be more effective.

Instead of creating massively complex spreadsheets maintained by select individuals, we offer a solution that easily imports data from simple collection spreadsheets so that data can be immediately leveraged by project participants on a per-user monthly or quarterly subscription basis.

With Insight-EA’s subscription approach, there is no long-term commitment, no need to spend hundreds of thousands or sometimes millions of dollars on traditional EA applications and no need to wait months for value to be delivered. Should your needs change, data can be easily exported as the subscription expires.

Our Story

Originally developed as a tool to meet a specific Portfolio Rationalization requirement, then matured into a consulting accelerator, Insight-EA was completely re-platformed to take advantage of today’s Cloud opportunities. Delivered as a 100% SaaS solution, our competitive and flexible subscription-based agreements and innovative solutions are ready to help your business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Business Architecture, Portfolio Rationalization and Enterprise Architecture simple, not simplistic. Functionally rich tools should be easy to use and Insight-EA’s ease of use is unparalleled across the marketplace. Analysis efforts should be straightforward yet powerful and insightful; Insight-EA immediately visualizes relationships shortly after data ingestion. Solution provider and consultant agreements should be easy to read, easy to use and easy to finish – we make doing business with us easy.

Our Approach

Our goal to deliver value as rapidly as possible drives a simplified approach that quickly leverages existing project efforts. Most project information is gathered via spreadsheets and inefficiently leveraged via pivot tables, macros and recreation in PowerPoint or Visio in a way that is difficult to keep evergreen. With Insight-EA, project information can be quickly ingested via spreadsheets to immediately begin a drag, drop and link approach to visual relationships that gives clarity to project efforts. Our approach avoids the use of unnecessary EA application functionality that tends to get in the way of progress as opposed to supporting it.