In-Flight Project Review

Using Insight-EA and Business Architecture to avert a potential project disaster for a major domestic Bank

Client Overview

Top 10 NA Bank, est. 1891
$175bn in Assets, 24,000 employees

Acquisition focus:

  • Extension of Commercial Real Estate Lending Capability
  • Geographical Expansion
  • Integration of People, Processes and Technologies


Business Architecture facilitated multiple workshops to elicit the current state of the project, identify and define project goals, objectives, and measures, and to identify and align business capabilities to functional areas. Models created in Insight-EA to facilitate this included:

  • Business Capability Maps
  • Organization Maps and Cross-Maps
  • Strategy Maps and Strategy Network Maps


As a result of the analysis provided by Insight-EA, the project manager was able to realign project expectations according to the objectives that were clarified during the Business Architecture engagement.

  • Impacted stakeholders, their relationships to each other and their relative role in the project were identified. This was used to ensure organizational impacts were clearly understood and that the appropriate teams were included in the project at the appropriate time.
  • An initial assessment of the current-state and future-state business capabilities required by the project enabled the project scope to be better articulated, understood and agreed upon by the project’s steering committee and sponsors.