Information Management Strategy

A Global Leader uses Insight-EA to Quickly Gather and Model the Foundations for its Information Management Strategy

Client Overview

Global Energy Corporation
$226bn Assets, Global Full-Lifecycle Operations in Conventional and Alternative Energy

Areas of focus:

  • Document and Model the Underlying Drivers and Initatives
  • Document and Model Business and Technical Capabilities
  • Provide the Insights Necessary to Support Information Management strategy


Insight-EA was used to create a comprehensive inventory of Strategy Elements, Initiatives, Organization, Business Capabilities and Technical Capabilities, as follows:

  • Catalogs of Org Units, Initiatives, Goals, Objectives, Strategies Imported
  • Catalogs of Business Capabilities, Business Functions and Technical Capabilities Imported and Modeled
  • Associations Between all Relevant Elements Imported and then Used to Create Models and Reports
  • Insights from those Models and Reports Formed a Crucial Part of the Final Report
  • Extended Properties such as PACE Layer and Maturity were Imported and Used for Further Analysis


The results of the initial data gathering and analysis were used to create a number of models that were presented to senior management to support strategy options and funding decisions.

  • Models and Reports will Next be Used to Drive Strategy Options
  • Repository Content will Continue to be Expanded to Support InformationĀ Management Strategies for Individual Business Units