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Welcome to the October 2019 edition of Insights.

We have a lot to share.  We’ve been working on a major milestone release, our organization is growing and we’ll be hitting the road several times before the end of the year.

First, Version 2.8 has been released.  While we have made several enhancements in the 2.7x releases, 2.8 is significant for a few reasons.  First, we have now integrated to Azure Active Directory for Authentication.  We can now support your active directory and single sign-on requests.  In addition, we have enhanced our API strategy delivering new enhanced reporting capabilities through things like Power BI, Tableau, Spotfire, Excel and any other OData compliant tool.  These two enhancements also earned us a place in the Azure Marketplace.  You’ll also find many performance enhancements as well as a vastly expanded modelling palette with many other updates.  If you would like a full copy of our Release Notes, please contact Support@FIOS-Insight.com.

Next, our organization is growing!  Our consulting services group has been extremely successful bringing in new business in the areas of Enterprise Architecture and Information Management.  We are pleased to welcome Kelly Guillory to our management team to lead our consulting services.

Lastly for this edition, we’ve got some big events lined up for the rest of the year.  See the “Next” Section below for what’s coming up!


elease 2.8 – What’s New


Version 2.8 of Insight-EA brings with it a wide range of improved functionality, new functionality, security features, performance improvements and bug fixes. We have spent time on improving the user experience, extending our modelling capabilities, allowing users to use their corporate login credentials from Office 365 or Azure AD, improved the API, which now supports model images, made the security system more flexible and even made updates to the main navigation tree in real-time for those users logged in to the same client.

  • The user login page has been changed allowing the user to login with their corporate credentials. Clicking on the login button will take the user to the login prompt where your corporate credentials can be entered. Should your corporation not use Microsoft Active Directory or Office 365, we will setup a login for you.
  • The overall user experience has been refined, the menus sizes have been reduced, the iconology has been flattened and we have implemented a slide out bar on the right side of the screen, which can be pinned, to give quick access to functions such as the heatmap. This layout reduces the requirement for screen real estate and makes more information available at any given time. The menu options will change depending on what is displayed in the main window.
  • We have also made some subtle changes to the tree, the association trees and to how objects can be created. The i-Button is now available on the main navigation tree allowing the user to see the associations of any object without opening the object edit window.
  • Objects can now be created from the edit screen of any object by highlighting text in the description and clicking on the create buttons. The left button is a create button which will popup the full create window, the right button will create an object using the highlighted text as the new object’s name.

Model Improvements

The modeling environment has been changed to give the user more functionality and flexibility for modeling. The palette has been moved to the right slide out, the modeling menu has been made more accessible, now located at the top of the screen, connectors are freely configurable from the picklists in the menu, images can now be uploaded into the environment using a simple drag and drop or file select and the palette has been expanded to allow many more types of shapes on a model. A future release will make the palette completely configurable by the user and allow them to upload their own SVG based palette objects.

  • The switching from editing to viewing a model and vice versa is now instantaneous and the menus are refreshed immediately to allow access to the needed menu functions. This is managed by clicking the Edit Button.
  • The model palette has been expanded to include many new shapes which can be used on any of the models and now provides the ability to upload user defined graphics onto the palette which can then be dropped onto any model. The user defined graphics must either be in PNG or JPEG/JPG format. It is important to note that only those objects in the palette that appear in the first section (entitled “Model Objects”) can have other objects associated with them. This also applies to the various process steps within BPMN process model. None of the other items, which are simply shapes, have this capability.

New Object Enhancements

The following object types have been made hierarchical:

  • Microservices
  • Business Rules
  • Regulations


The Insight-EA API has been expanded to include all the various object types, their respective icons and model images are now available in 3 sizes through the API.

The API will now produce the HTML and plain versions of all RTF fields and the OData interface support OData query markup language as well as sorting.

Other changes / enhancements:

  • Grid view on all objects now limits the size of the description shown to 300 characters
  • Grid will not display the rich text version of the description
  • Updating an objects name, adding an object, reparenting an object, changing an object’s type or deleting an object will update the tree of any user who is logged in in real-time.
  • Importing objects is now done asynchronously and the user will receive an email with the results of the import and will be notified when the import completes if the user is still logged in during the import process
  • Column resize issue has been resolved on the grid views
  • Various bug fixes to model interactions
  • Filters speed has been improved dramatically
  • Associations now load the content on demand, improving speed

ext – What’s Coming Up!

Recent & Upcoming Events

September 17 (past) – TCBAF September Community Meeting

We were honored to be asked to present at the Twin Cities Business Architecture Forum September Community Meeting.  Vernon Smith presented an excellent Case Study on using Business Architecture for Application Rationalization.  The TCBAF is a great community for Business Architects and the audience had some great interaction throughout our presentation.  We’ll be heading back soon!

November 6/7, 2019 – MACC 2019, Minneapolis, MN

We are proud to sponsor the Midwest Architecture Community Collaboration event in Minneapolis. This year’s keynote speaker for the MACC 2019 conference: Dr. Jeanne W. Ross, Principal Research Scientist of MIT Center for Information Systems Research. The MACC 2019 conference will cover the entire Enterprise Architecture ecosystem with topics like business architecture, disruptive technologies, managing security and risk, and leveraging data analytics.

November 11-15, 2019 – Building Business Capabilities, Hollywood, FL.

Building Business Capability is the only conference that provides insight into Business Analysis, Business Architecture, Business Process, Business Rules, Business Decisions, Business Strategy & Transformation, and Digital Innovation toward the pursuit of business excellence. This year’s them for the BBC2019 is “Unleashing Creativity”, very in line with how Insight-EA support Business Outcome Driven Enterprise Architecture with rapid visualizations and analysis.  See us at Booth 110.

December 5, 2019, TCBAF Summit, Minneapolis, MN

We told you we’d be back soon!  Based on the great feedback from the TCBAF September Community Meeting, Vernon Smith will be presenting at this year’s Summit.  The event is hosted at Cargill’s offices and we will be presenting in great company of Keynote speakers like founders of the Business Architecture Guild® and leaders in the worldwide business architecture community William Ulrich and Mike Rosen.  A Great Event for anyone interested in Business Architecture.

Thanks for reading our news.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates soon!!