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Welcome to the April 2019 edition of Insights.

It’s been and exciting kick off to 2019 with some major advancements in our organization and our product.

First, FIOS Insight is proud to have John Ruddy join us as President of the company as well as joining the Board of Directors.  Most recently, John was the Founder and President of Noah Consulting, an Information Management consultancy which was acquired by Infosys in 2015.  John has proven management and leadership skills including client and partner relations, solution development, strategic consulting, and business development across multiple industry segments.  We’re sure he will help us achieve our goals and beyond.  For more information, our press release can be found here : https://www.fios-insight.com/2019/02/26/fios-insight-appoints-john-ruddy-as-president/

Second, we announced that we have entered into an Agreement with the Business Architecture Guild® to provide Guild Reference Models pre-loaded in Insight-EA. Guild Industry Reference Models are built by Collaborative Teams, each of which is chartered with drafting and evolving reference models for their particular industry.  This will further help our customers accelerate Time to Value by leveraging these valuable assets.  For more information, visit https://www.fios-insight.com/solutions/bizbok/

Lastly (for now), in conjunction with our agreement with the Business Architecture Guild, we exhibited at the 7th Annual Business Architecture Innovation Summit, March 19-20, 2019 in Reston, Virginia.  This event was hosted by the Business Architecture Guild and OMG is a great event to learn more about Business Architecture.  For more information see : https://www.omg.org/events/va-19/special-events/BA-Summit.htm 


elease 2.7.3/2.7.4 – What’s New

2.7.4 Release Updated and Added capabilities such as

  • Support for BIZBOK® Guide Reference Models. Users who are also member of the Business Architecture Guild can download complete industry reference models from the Guild’s website and these can be easily imported into Insight. Functional enhancements to Insight to support this include:
    • Greatly-enhanced Value Stream Maps, showing Entry and Exit Criteria
    • User-definable Heat Map criteria. The original three Heat Map criteria have been replaced with five to support BIZBOK® Guide criteria. There is also a button to allow users to add further criteria if needed
    • Hierarchical Stakeholders
  • Direct editing of Models from the Tree. Next to each Model there is a new icon “!”. Click on this to open the Model directly in Edit Mode.
  • Auto-generated Value Stream Maps including Cross-Mapping functionality
  • Strategy Builder – first iteration is Information Management Strategy support including Value Mapping and Project Benefit Analysis, will be extended to other Strategies in future releases
  • Enhanced Properties on all Object Types, including inline creation/editing
  • Easier to create Associations – to create a new Association the Object being dragged can now be dropped anywhere on the Association Tree or on the Relationship Model
  • Roadmap Builder – user-definable Roadmap allows creation of timelines for any Object Type
  • Viewable Audit Log – all Object screens now show an icon at the top that can be clicked to show the audit history of that Object
  • New Object Types
    • Server (Technology Domain) – allows for the creation and association of physical and virtual Servers as part of defining architectures
    • Database (Information Domain) – allows for the creation and association of Databases as part of defining architectures
    • Finding (Information Domain) – component of the Strategy Builder to capture interview notes and tie them to other objects
    • Value (Information Domain) – component of the Strategy Builder to capture realizable changes that add Value and to quantify and relate those to other objects
    • Business Case (Business Domain) – component of the Strategy Builder to capture and associate Business Cases with the Projects and Value that contribute to them

2.7.3 Release has several usability enhancements, particularly for the models.

  • When dropping an object onto the associations tree it is not necessary to drop the object directly on the intended tree branch. Dropping it into the association window is sufficient
  • Associations can now be made by dropping the object onto the Relationship Model as well. This is the automatically generated model to the right of the association tree
  • The Business Interaction Model has been updated to allow associations to the interaction
  • Your navigation tree has been updated with the following new Object types : Systems, Schemas, Value, Value Modifiers, Business Case and Findings
  • New Strategy Framework has been created allowing the capture of Findings and their respective values. We will release a video on this brand new functionality in the near future.  Please contact us if you would like more information on this capability.
  • The Universal model has been updated to allow links between all objects and grouping has been improved
  • Value Stream maps and Value Stream Cross maps now auto-generate and are selectable from the drop down on the Object definition screen
  • A modelling menu option has been added to allow the user to prevent automatically re-parenting objects in models such as the BCM
  • All models in edit mode now show a distinct cursor based on the allowable actions where the mouse is on the model(Move,Resize,Associate)
  • The Transformation object was added to facilitate the creation of very detailed definitions of data flows

Any questions, we’d be happy to walk you through these, just reach out to info@FIOS-Insight.com


ext – What’s Coming Up!

Here are some of the highlights of 2.8 which will be out later this spring:

  • User-admin definable security. With this release an admin user will be able to control the Add/Edit/Read and Delete permissions at every level of the object tree.
  • Support for every object using RESTful and oData interfaces. This means a client will be able to integrate Insight-EA into their infrastructure much more closely using our RESTful API or the oData interface.
  • Asynchronous importing will allow the importing of large data sets with the user will be notified via email when the import is complete and if there were any errors
  • More auto generation of models. Over the next several releases we will support auto-generation of most model types
  • Sequencing of Associations will support autogeneration of maps and models where Object should appear in a specific sequence, such as Value Stages.
  • oAuth 2.0 support – this will allow integrated authentication of users where the company infrastructure supports oAuth 2.0
  • And much, much more

Thanks for reading our news.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates later this spring!!