Video Resources

These videos provide an insight into the ease of use and a small sample of the capabilities offered by Insight EA.  If you would like to see other capabilities or need more information, please contact

Strategy Planning - From Interview to Roadmap


Essential to any Architecture Initiative is the ability to plan and execute against a Roadmap.  Roadmaps help articulate and communicate your Strategic Initiatives over time.  While a Roadmap of a single Application or System, or group of Applications are important, understanding the associated impacts is just as critical in planning.  Also roadmaps are not limited to Technologies, but are important in Business Architecture for items like Capabilities and Processes and other architecture domains.

Insight-EA gives you the tools and flexibility to rapidly gather, visualize and achieve architecture results.

Value Mapping & Building BIZBOK® Value Streams

How Business Architecture Led Successful Rationalization Efforts

Today’s enterprise architects need solutions that cover a broader gamut of strategic initiatives that extend outside of the traditional IT realm.  Whether dealing with portfolio rationalization requirements, mergers and acquisitions, master data management or digital transformation initiatives, a sound platform to gather and maintain information from all relevant stakeholders is necessary for success. This session will discuss the drivers and benefits of deploying a modern age SaaS platform over both Excel/Visio or legacy EA solutions as well as a case study on how Insight-EA supported a multi-million dollars Portfolio Rationalization program.

Crowd Sourcing Surveys

Application Value Charts

Application Value Charts are an important tool in Application Portfolio Rationalization and Management.

Application Value Charts help an organization evaluate current or future portfolio of applications against a set of criteria which measure the relative technical and business value these applications hold against an overall strategy.

Insight EA uses crowd sourcing surveying capabilities to quickly produce Application Value Charts

Business Capability Maps

Maturity Modelling

The maturity modelling capability in Insight-EA allows you to visualize the relative maturity of one or more objects of any type against criteria that are important to your organization. You can set up questions via our intuitive survey capability, and via those you can gather all the information you need to make informed maturity assessments without the need to license hundreds or thousands of Insight-EA users.

Insight-EA can use survey results to demonstrate the relative maturity of whichever Business Capabilities you select. This not only provides a powerful tool for Business Architecture, it is also of immense value for your Portfolio Rationalization and Data Governance efforts.

Architectural Building Block Reports