Assessment Management

Understand where you are and where you are going.


Where do we need improvement?  Who’s using that feature? How widely deployed is that application?  How standardized are our processes?  Are we getting the value we expected out of our strategic platforms?  These are questions all business seek to understand but often struggle to quantify and maintain?

Insight-EA’s Assessment features allow businesses and IT departments to evaluate and analyze key metrics across all enterprise architecture domains such as Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Information Architecture, Technology Architecture and Solution Architecture.  Our highly configurable platform allows companies to decide what metrics are important for the various architecture artifacts and then assess those measure in the context of specific organizational units, geographies, business functions and more.  This information can be consolidated or rolled up to the enterprise level and drilled down to the lowest level of data available.

Examples of some assessment possibilities include:

  • Maturity Assessments of Capabilities, Value Streams, APQC
  • Standardization Assessments of Business Processes across Org Units
  • Adoption Level / Value Realization reporting of strategic investments in platforms like SAP® or Salesforce®
  • And more…

The video on the right provides a brief summary of how our assessment capability works.  For more information, request a demonstration.