BIZBOK® Reference Models Preconfigured in Insight-EA

Accelerated Business Architecture

FIOS Insight offers The Business Architecture Guild® members pre-configured Industry Reference Models in Insight-EA. The Guild Industry Reference Models are built by Collaborative Teams of members with industry experience, each of which is chartered with drafting and evolving reference models for their particular industry. These reference models typically include capabilities specific to each industry as well as commonly used strategic and supporting capabilities, a set of value streams, an organization map, and a stakeholder map.

The business architecture reference models, made available to Guild members through “A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge®” (BIZBOK® Guide)  or through The Guild store, include:

Financial Services
Member-Based Association
Government (Coming Soon)

Business Capability Mapping

Although Business Architecture is by nature multi-faceted, a generally agreed starting point is a Business Capability Map. Leveraging a simple drag-drop-link approach, Insight-EA combines powerful user-configurable meta data with flexible associations to give you all the tools you need to build Business Capability Maps and other core Business Architecture Models quickly and easily.

Insight-EA supports Heat Mapping of Capabilities against other Business, Application, Information, and Technology Architecture as well as configurable properties tracked against each object.

Values Stream Mapping and Cross-Mapping

The highest level view of what the Business does, Value Streams are an essential tool that gives a powerful launch point for analysis and drill down in many directions. Value Streams are the starting point for Process Modeling and they can form the foundations of advanced Data Management techniques such as Event Modeling. While a basic Value Stream is a relatively simple view that would be at home in an executive presentation, when combined with other modeling elements in the Insight-EA repository robust analytics and complex reporting results.

Organization Map

An Organization Map allows you to visually depict value exchanges between parts of your Organization, Third Parties and Collaborative Teams. When combined with other Insight-EA models to create Cross-Maps, the Organization Mapping capability can provide a powerful foundation for analysis and communication, that is easily consumable by both business and technical audiences.

The elements of Organizational Maps can also be used in a variety of other relationships, reports and models including Value Streams, Stakeholder Maps and Process Models in addition to the other main functional areas of Insight-EA, Portfolio Rationalization and Data Governance.

Organization Mapping is a pivotal part of Business Architecture, providing the “people” context for the extended Business Architecture and the broader Enterprise Architecture.

As a courtesy to our customers and members of the Business Architecture Guild, we provide versions of the Guild’s Industry Reference Models that have been integrated into our tool. To have access to these reference models, you must first agree to the terms of use described in: From the Guild’s website, go to Store and add the reference model you are interested in to your cart (RM’s are free to Guild Members) and follow instructions for checkout. Your receipt is proof of agreement.

About the Business Architecture Guild®
The Business Architecture Guild® is an international, not-for-profit, member-based association that provides valuable resources to business architecture practitioners and others interested in the field. The Business Architecture Guild® is the source of A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK® Guide) and exclusive provider of the Certified Business Architect® (CBA)® certification program. Please visit for more information.