Business Architecture


Business Architecture allows an organization to build a holistic view of the enterprise across multiple dimensions such as capabilities, people, processes, assets and information, etc. so strategic objectives can better align with tactical demands. Insight-EA provides a comprehensive set of models and visualizations that can quickly lead to targeted insights of the organization from a variety of business-centric perspectives. Via rapid mapping techniques for capabilities, organization, information and other aspects of the business, as well as the generation of illustrative Business Models and Heat Maps, Insight-EA can show business with clarity and focus that is simply not possible with traditional approaches.

Capability Mapping

Although Business Architecture is by nature multi-faceted, a generally agreed starting point is a Business Capability Map. Leveraging a simple drag-drop-link approach, Insight-EA combines powerful user-configurable meta data with flexible associations to give you all the tools you need to build Business Capability Maps and other core Business Architecture Models quickly and easily.

We offer a variety of industry specific Business Capability Maps that can be used to jump start projects for operations in the following areas:

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial Real Estate

Organization Mapping

An Organization Map allows you to visually depict value exchanges between parts of your Organization, Third Parties and Collaborative Teams. When combined with other Insight-EA models to create Cross-Maps, the Organization Mapping capability can provide a powerful foundation for analysis and communication, that is easily consumable by both business and technical audiences.

The elements of Organizational Maps can also be used in a variety of other relationships, reports and models including Value Streams, Stakeholder Maps and Process Models in addition to the other main functional areas of Insight-EA, Portfolio Rationalization and Data Governance.

Organization Mapping is a pivotal part of Business Architecture, providing the “people” context for the extended Business Architecture and the broader Enterprise Architecture.

Value Stream Mapping and Cross-Mapping

At the highest level view of what the Business does, Value Streams are an essential tool that give a powerful launch point for analysis and drill down in many directions. Value Streams are the starting point for Process Modeling and can form the foundations of advanced Data Management techniques such as Event Modeling. While a basic Value Stream is a relatively simple view that would be at home in an executive presentation, when combined with other modeling elements in the Insight-EA repository robust, analytics and complex reporting results.

In this example of a merger/acquisition use case, a high level Value Stream is augmented by the details of Capabilities, Stakeholders and Applications that support each Value Stage. A further level of analysis is achieved using the Insight-EA Heat Mapping tool to illustrate which Strategic Capabilities are well aligned and therefore, represent substantial value.

Process Modeling

Once regarded as the cornerstone of Business Architecture, in recent years Process Modeling has taken it’s rightful place as an important tool that a Business Architect can use to describe and define their business. Process Modeling continues to be one of the most popular representations of how a business works, however, it is best used in conjunction with the other Business Architecture tools and techniques Insight-EA has available to Strategists, Business Architects and Business Analysts.

Process models are a rich way to describe the details of flow and if combined with Value Streams and Value Stream Cross-Maps, can show more detail than what would traditionally make sense on a single-diagram type. Insight-EA supports BPMN Levels 1 and 2 out-of-the-box, with the option of adding Level 3 should the user require that degree of detail. As with all Insight-EA Models, export to Microsoft Visio, Word and PowerPoint in addition to many other tools via our SVG interface, ensures that your content can reach business and technical audiences without the need to acquire more Insight-EA licenses.

Maturity Modeling

The Maturity Modeling capability in Insight-EA allows you to visualize the relative maturity of one or more objects of any type against criteria that are important to your business. You can set up questions via our Intuitive Survey Capability to gather all the information you need to make informed maturity assessments without the need to purchase hundreds or thousands of Insight-EA user licenses. Our unique licensing model allows you to send surveys to an unlimited number of respondents, not only within your organization but can include third party providers, partners, etc.

Once the survey responses are received, Insight-EA can, in this example, use these responses to show the relative maturity of whichever Business Capabilities you select. This not only provides a powerful tool for Business Architecture, it is also of immense value for your Portfolio Rationalization and Data Governance efforts.

The results of this model can then be linked to Projects and Initiatives within the Insight-EA repository to allow clients to define future change projects in the “bigger picture” context of understanding not only how mature your capabilities are now, but where you want them to be in the future.