Portfolio Rationalization


How do you determine the right number and mix of Applications to support your business, both now and in the future? Can you really say how much technical debt your organization is carrying and what the effect is on your IT spend? Insight-EA gives you a rich suite of analytics tools that help you understand and visualize your Applications and Technology Landscape from many different viewpoints. Together, these tools give you the ability to tell the story of Portfolio Rationalization, from the elimination of technical debt to the consolidation of data centers and the reduction and/or elimination of functional redundancy.

Functional Redundancy

Using the Capability Map developed as part of your organization’s Business Architecture as a foundation, Insight-EA can create both static and dynamic Heat Maps based on either simple counts or complex criteria. Static Heat Maps show redundancy measured against a variety of dimensions (Applications, Business Processes, Org Units, etc.), while Dynamic Heat Maps show strategic alignment of a dimension across all Capabilities.

Together, these powerful tools give you rich insight on the two fundamental areas of Functional Redundancy and Strategic Alignment. As a result, Insight-EA can be quickly used to point out areas worthy of additional consideration. Examples include: How well supported are Business Capabilities that are unique to your organization? Do you have too much technical debt associated with Business Capabilities that while important, are common to all industry participants and therefore not delivering real competitive advantage?

Technology Roadmapping

Using a number of the different dimensions of data and meta data in the repository, Insight-EA can build dynamic road maps to show you your entire technology landscape from a variety of viewpoints. These Roadmaps can easily show you all of the ageing technologies in a particular category, along with the Capabilities, Processes, and a variety of other dimensions that are potentially at risk because of those ageing or unsupported technologies.

We can help you too see a clear line-of-sight between the Technologies deployed in a particular Data Center along with Business, Application and Information objects that they support. Next we can help you to analyze if those tehcnologies can be better supported from other Data Centers or if a consolidation project would be appropriate and beneficial now or sometime in the future.

Application Value

One of the most powerful features of Insight-EA is our unique Survey Capabilities. This feature allows an organization to crowdsource information about any key object type through the creation of a simple questionnaire using our drag-and-drop Survey Builder. You then manage the distribution of Surveys to anyone in your organization or third party partners, without the need for Insight-EA licenses for those users. We provide the tools to allow you to gather complex information in a way  that is extremely simple and quick. Once collected, the information can be visualized using a variety of tools.

The Application Value Chart, for example, allows you to plot the relative Business Value and Technical Health of a number of Applications relative to each other. When used with the Functional Redundancy and Strategic Fit Techniques these tools provide quick and powerful insights into your portfolio.